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~ Monday, August 20 ~

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IN NEED OF FEDERAL PROTECTION?  A rare songbird that lives in the High Peaks is closer to getting federal protection.  Wildlife groups say the habitat of the Bicknell’s Thrush is threatened by climate change.  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will study whether the bird should be classified as endangered.

LAKE SURVEY:  Our Jack LaDuke follows scientists who trek deep in the Adirondacks to test the waters of lakes and ponds to see what impact pollutants falling from the sky, including acid rain, are having on waterways in the Park.

LAKE STUDY:  After last year’s historic floods should New York, Vermont and Quebec look for ways to lessen the threat of flooding on Lake Champlain?  Several hearings are being held on whether a study is needed.  For More Information:

GOT MILK?  Can the State of New York help turn the craze for greek yogurt into more sales for North Country dairy farmers.  A “Yogurt Summit” was held in Albany this week, and changes in State ag regulations announced that may allow more farms to add to their herds to produce more milk for co-ops that are supplying the growing greek yogurt industry in New York.

NEW PARTNERSHIP:  The Hudson Headwaters Health Care Network is partnering with a small clinic in Champlain, New York to help it secure federal funds and grants that may allow it to expand and increase its services to improve health care for the rural community on the Northern Border.  The clinic also hopes to team with hospitals and medical schools in the region to attract nurse practitioners and medical students interested in becoming primary care doctors.

HIRING VETS:  U-S Senator Charles Schumer praises Rail Car maker Bombardier in Plattsburgh for hiring veterans, and calls on Congress to extend tax breaks to other companies that do the same.

EARNED A SAY:  AARP is urging voters to question candidates on their positions on reforming entitlement programs including Social Security and Medicare, and to be up front with voters on how they plan to do it.   AARP will hold a community forum to discuss its voter guide and to answer questions about the solvency of Social Security and Medicare in the Plattsburgh area in September.  The date and location are still to be announced.  To Learn More about AARP Voter Guide:

BATTLE PLAN:  The Mayor announces some new events for this year’s 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 and the Battle of Plattsburgh Commemoration.  Pulitzer-Prize-winning historian Alan Taylor will give a lecture on his book “The Civil War of 1812” and several more marching bands have been added to this year’s Battle of Plattsburgh Parade on September 8th.  For ticket information and a schedule of events:


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MAJOR LAND PURCHASE:  Governor Cuomo signs the largest land deal in the Adirondacks in more than a century.  The State has agreed to purchase 69,000 acres of pristine land and waterways in the Upper Hudson region for nearly 50-million dollars.  The land was part of a bigger purchase by The Nature Conservancy a few years ago, that included another 93 thousand acres that the State has bought conservation easements to protect.  In announcing the deal, Governor Cuomo said many of the lands included in the 69,000 acres will be opened to the public for the first time in 150 years, and will boost tourism in that part of the Adirondack Park.  Critics says the loss of working timberlands will costs hundreds of jobs.

GROWING THREAT:  A new invasive species has invaded Lake George, and scientists worry it’ll only be a matter of time before it moves on to Lake Champlain.  They warn the Spiny Water Flea could potentially change the make up of the food chain in the lakes, threatening some species of native fish.

STATE OF THE LAKE:  The threat of invasive species is just one of many challenges facing Lake Champlain detailed in a new report card by the Lake Champlain Basin Program.  It says excess nutrients, primarily phosphorous from farm fields, forest lands and urban runoff is the number one threat to the lake.  To Read More:

TOLL HIKE:  Are truckers in New York being unfairly targeted to pay higher tolls on the New York State Thruway?

TAPPAN ZEE:  Will drivers and taxpayers foot the bill to replace one of the most-heavily traveled commuter bridges in New York State?  The Tappan Zee Bridge along the Thruway over the Hudson River will cost 5-billion dollars to replace.

CRUISERS CRUSHED:  An angry farmer is accused of going on a rampage with a tractor, crushing 7 police cruisers parked at the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department in the Northern Border village of Newport, Vermont.

THIRD BID:  The Olympic Games in London renew talk of Lake Placid hosting the Olympics for the third time.  We talk with ORDA’s Ted Blazer about the bid process, and whether Lake Placid is interested in playing host to the World again.

RAGING RIVERS:  The powerful images captured by photographers, who through their lens tell the story of the Tropical Storm Irene’s destruction, are on display in a new exhibit at the Adirondack History Center Museum in Elizabethtown.  To Learn More:

~ Monday, August 6 ~


Driver Facing Charges:  Police say they plan to charge a Pennsylvania truck driver accused of triggering a fiery crash that killed a family of 4 from Franklin County at a construction site on Route 11 in Northern New York.

Invader on the Move:  Scientists discover a tiny invasive species - that could be a huge threat - is mirgrating closer to Lake Champlain.  The Spiny Water Flea, which could compete with fish for food in the Lake, has now been found in both the Champlain Canal and Lake George, both of which flow into Lake Champlain.

Late Blight:  Cornell Cooperative Extension Horticulturist Amy Ivy warns an outbreak of Late Blight has been reported in Northern New York.  The plant disease kills tomato and potato plants.  To Learn More:

Irene’s Aftermath:  One of the businesses struggling to recover from Tropical Storm Irene gets some much needed help from crisis counselors who are assisting thousands of people still trying to cope with the aftermath and damage.  To Learn More: Project Hope 518-524-9616

Hitting the Links:  Golfers hit the links at the North Country Golf Club in Rouses Point, NY to raise money to help bring more service alert dogs to Northern New York to help diabetics who use the dogs to alert them when their sugar levels change. To Learn More:

Raising Hope:  A golf tournament and auction raise money and awareness about what many believe is an alarmingly high cluster of ALS cases in Northern New York.  To Learn More visit the ALS Raising Hope Foundation website.

Summer Ski Jam:  A music fest and Bar-B-Q raises money to build a new base lodge and improve trails at Dewey Mountain in Harrietstown.  Organizers hope the expansion will also help land national events, like snowshoe races.


Mountain Lake Journal - Live one hour special forum with community action group Vision2Action on the state of transportation in Clinton County.

~ Tuesday, July 24 ~

Mountain Lake Journal (7-19-12)



- Political headlines in Upstate NY (7-19-12)

- Fluctuating weather causes power outages and contributes to wildfires. 

- New York law aims to curb prescription drug abuse

- Protest of wind farm in Lowell, VT

- Roundtable: Vision2Action looks at transportation issues in Clinton County (7-19-12)


Mountain Lake Journal (7-12-12)



Walgreens Robbery:  Another manhunt for a robber accused of stealing not cash, but pills, 30-thousand dollars worth of prescription painkillers during a hold-up at Walgreens Pharmacy in Plattsburgh.  Police are looking into whether the same robber held-up another drug store in Vermont last week.

Wanted Man:  Police have also identify the robber they believe held-up the NBT Bank in Plattsburgh a week ago.  They are hunting for O’Neil Stephenson, who has tied to the Plattsburgh area.

Caught in a Sting:  A local store is caught in a sting, accused by New York’s Attorney General of illegally selling designer drugs.

Murder Case in National Spotlight:  The notorious murders of David and Lorraine Donivan has drawn the interest of the producers of a tv program called “Sins & Secrets” that airs on the Investigation Discovery Channel.  Producers came to the North Country recently to talk with reporter Jack LaDuke who covered the double murder case in 2005.

Catholic School Closing:  Without a miracle, St. Mary’s Catholic School, which has struggled for years to remain open, will be forced to close its doors.  About 65 elementary students will have to find a new school and about 16 teachers and staff will be let go.

Project Hope:  After nearly a year, homeowners and businesses are still struggling to recover from tropical storm Irene.  Some of the mental health experts trying to help victims cope with the disaster, and their losses, join us for this week’s roundtable.  For more information on Project Hope:  518-524-9616